Travel in Time

Do you recall how it felt to be a child?

Do you recall how it felt to be a child? How it felt when the world was filled with wonder, and building castles in your mind was as exciting as weekend trips to ice cream parlours and amusement parks? Or how running wild in the rain, playing hide and seek was all you needed to keep a smile on your face?

Oftentimes, you forget your wonderful childhood experiences with the weight and responsibilities adulthood carries. With huge changes in the economy and how it affects one’s standard of living, a lot more people find it harder to cope. As a result, more of the younger generation fall into depression.

One way to reduce depression is to travel back in time to your happy childhood days. A recent study by the American Psychological Association shows that people who have fond memories of their childhood have better health, are less depressed, and have fewer chronic diseases as adults. You might expect these memories to matter less due to time, but it is the reverse.

Recalling moments of great achievements from when you were younger can boost your morale to take up larger tasks in your job you are scared to take. Or remembering times when your parents took you on treats as rewards for a job well done, oftentimes, re energizes us when we feel low. Generally, when you think back about times of great happiness and pleasure from your childhood, the ripple effects of relief last longer.

In a world of deadlines, financial and personal pressures, our mental health should be of priority. Spend alone time meditating on your fun childhood memories to boost your ego and keep your heart younger. 

On days when you feel low, take a trip to that amusement park you loved as a child and compare and contrast the sights from the present day to those in your memory. Give yourself a treat in the first ice cream palour you ever visited with your parents and relive the moment with the same menu you had from your memories.

Mother and children enjoying, eating ice cream, sitting on the grass at the public park.

Travel back in time to keep your mind on creative ideas to make your future what you desire it to be. And when the time comes, don’t hesitate to create wonderful memories for your children so they can also travel in time when all their chips are down.

It seems like a hard world, but our hearts can remain soft and pleasing when wrapped in memories from trips back in time.

Do you recall how it felt to be a child?

4 Destinations that should be on your Travel Wishlist

Compiling a Travel Wish List? Here are four destinations to rekindle the excitement of travel, and wonder of the world.

Anytime I think of traveling, I get excited. With butterflies in my tummy,  I find it hard to breathe thinking of a pending trip; translation, it is true love. It is with this thought, I have compiled a list of destinations that should be on your travel list this year.

The most important reason these places have been chosen is that they are not underrated. Sometimes, a place has been hyped up and guaranteed to be the most fascinating spot on earth. Then you get there, and it is not as gorgeous or as clean as you have been led to believe. These places are worth the trip.

Taj Mahal

As a sucker for love, the appeal of the Taj Mahal is enormous. It has both a heart-wrenching backstory and a glorious appearance.

The Taj Mahal built in 1648 entirely out of white marble over a thousand elephants carried during its construction was a tribute from Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to his late wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Located in India, a country filled with colours and vast cultural heritage, this has to make it to your travel wishlist.

The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and it is no wonder why. 


Iceland is a country with tons of cute and colourful places, from epic canyons to black sand beaches, from volcanic craters to hot springs. It is a tourist’s dream with a lot to explore.

Iceland has an estimate of over ten thousand waterfalls, and Kvernufoss Waterfall is a real beauty. It’s on the South Coast of Iceland and receives less attention because two other famous waterfalls; Skogafoss (Iceland’s most visited waterfall) and Seljalandsfoss (which has a large carven behind it), are situated close by.

Kvernufoss is known as a hidden beauty which is evident in the cliffs of moss-covered lava rocks, and visual appeal that seems straight out of a fantasy movie.

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher is arguably one of Ireland’s top tourist attractions, and it stretches over five miles long. There is a wide range of flowers, and birds of about twenty different species to be seen, making it a truly magical view.

Plus, if you are a fan of Magic, know that this was one of the filming sites for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. 

Opera Garnier

They say you either love Opera or you hate it. But I bet you can’t hate anything be it a performance or a tour in this grand opulence. The magnificence of the building and all that is in it is enough to make the Opera Garnier a priority in your Travel Wishlist. 

Also, it is Paris. There is no further urging than that.

Singles Valentine Bucket list

It is the time of the year where the memes flying about reiterates the fact that Valentine’s day is near, and we have Bucket list for Singles!


 It is the time of the year where the memes flying about reiterates the fact that some of us already know – Valentine’s day is the next bus stop and some of us are spending it alone.

Although the day itself has been so far removed from any religious connotations of its origin and focused as a day to express love and romance, it is still a reminder that there is good in the world. It is also a reminder as a single male or female that there is a lot of love to give to yourself.

Here is the ultimate Singles Valentine Bucketlist guaranteed to leave lasting fun memories in your mind. The best part is Valentine’s Day this 2021 falls on a Sunday; no work, blank day cheque and a lot of fun to be had.

  • Have a Movie Marathon!

If you have been overwhelmed with work and slacking off in the entertainment department. This is the day to watch the top movies and classics you have been putting off with food treats and drinks to go along, making it a mini hang out with your single friends. The best part is, you don’t have to get dressed in anything other than your pajamas.

  • Pamper Yourself

It is not only ladies that love the spa. Regardless of gender, get a massage, have a pedicure, rejuvenate your skin. Basically, have a relaxing day at the spa to thank your body for all it has been through.

  • Send out Presents

Nothing makes you happier than making someone else happy. Use this day to send presents, notes, gifts, or items to your family, friends, and other loved ones. You’ll find yourself smiling at the delight it gives them.

  • Plan a Weekend Getaway

It is the time to gather your single friends and have the time of your life. Nothing breathes freshness than doing things out of the norm.

Check into a resort, take a little trip. Plan a weekend of adventure and share the moment with your friends creating lasting memories.

  • Karaoke

It is crazy how much fun you have at a karaoke bar. If you haven’t been to one, make it the new thing to try out this Valentine’s Day. If you frequent karaoke bars, make it another day to be the star on stage.

  • Host a Game Night
Movie: ‘Game Night’

A few games that will light up the night are charades, truth or dare, and drinking games. Spend this with friends and family, and reconnect in a much lighter atmosphere.

  • Go to an Arcade

Spice up your day with games, and check out just how skillful you are at games you used to play when you were much younger as well.

  • Go to a New Restaurant

The call for food should be irresistible on Valentine’s Day. Try out new places with your group of friends and revel in the air of love.

Tips to maintain Healthy eating while traveling

A nice mentality is the foundation of all healthy habits.
Find out more tips on how to eat healthy on your next travel destination.

 The world of travel is exciting. You get to explore new cultures in totality; food, ethics, religion, sights and so much more. And for the foodies in the house, savouring new dishes is high on the list of things to do on a trip to a new place.

But sometimes, you pause and think, how do I maintain my diet on this trip?

It is hard maintaining your weight. Often times, we toggle between kilograms of weight gain and loss, and for this reason, many people stick to a meal plan where they are careful of the kind of food they eat or calculate calories they consume. Other times, some people are on a diet that doesn’t allow certain kinds of food like gluten, meat, or dairy.

Being that eating is a big part of our daily activities for sustenance, the question of how to eat healthy while on trips is quite problematic. It depends on how long your stay is, but there are some ways you can solve this issue.

Travel with/buy Fruits

If you aren’t staying abroad for a prolonged period of time, maybe you are on a business trip, a tip is to pack some perishable foods like fruits for the trip. You can keep these fruits in the fridge typically in hotel rooms.

It sounds funny, but the fiber in most fruits would keep you full for a longer period of time, and this helps reduce the portion you eat.

Read the Label

Another tip is to check the nutritional facts of the foods you buy from the supermarket. This lets you know just how many calories you are consuming and the exact content of the food.

Mental Check

A nice mentality is the foundation of all healthy habits. 

It is important to keep your mind centered on the fact that vacations or business trips are not avenues to overindulge or skip your workout routines if you have any. 

It is the best time to take advantage of the hotel gym and work up some sweat or take a walk when sightseeing to burn off some calories.

Ask Questions

Another great tip to note in order to eat healthy while on trips is to enquire from the waiter what your meal contains if you aren’t totally clear on what the food is because of its foreign name. 

We all love to try new things, but it would be tragic to consume a fancy named food with milk as one of its ingredients when you are lactose intolerant. 

When in doubt, always ask.

Reduced Portions

And the last tip we’ll leave you with is to eat reduced portions. If you usually eat two servings, you can opt for one serving, or skip dessert. When you can’t be sure of the number of calories you consume, it is best to under eat instead of overeating.

How to avoid or deal with a travel Nightmare

Imagine living your worst nightmare while travelling, praying to wake up from the bad dream.

Every single trip usually involves nothing less than an hour to a couple of hours of patiently sitting till you finally arrive at your destination. Whether it’s by land, water, or air, you most likely would have to sit for a period of time before getting to your destination. Imagine being in discomfort, having a stomach upset, or feeling nauseous and having to vomit all the way.

This is exactly what happened to me and it remains my worst travel experience ever. I was on my way to Imo state for my sister’s traditional wedding. 

The night before my trip, I went to bed early right after having a nice bowl of spicy goat meat pepper soup. The next morning I was up before dawn and left for the bus terminal to kick start my journey. Once we hit the road for the long trip, my mind wandered to how I would sit for almost 8 hours before I got to my destination.

A few hours later, I began to feel a discomforting cramp-like pain and a burning sensation in my stomach. It was an unusual feeling, my tummy kept rumbling and I had to use the restroom immediately or else I would have had an unpleasant accident.

I basically had to plead with the driver to pull over at every fuel station that came in sight and he pulled over many times. That goes to show how many times I had to make these embarrassing stops to use the restroom

Finally, we pulled over to a pharmacy along the expressway and I was able to get anti-diarrhea medication and regain my sanity. At this point, other passengers on the bus began saying sorry for my sudden health condition and asking me what I had eaten. Then it clicked in my mind, the spicy goat pepper soup must have caused my stomach upset.

Plan your pre-travel meal

One amazing fact I learned the hard way is what to eat and not eat before a trip. Meals like beans, moi-moi, carbonated drinks, alcohol, spicy food, and fried food should be avoided before travel trips. It’s better to stick with water, bananas, greek yogurt, sandwiches, and salad. Be mindful of what you eat and drink a day before your travel. This will enable you to be in the best of shapes for anything your journey may present.

Professional dietitian Edwina Clark says that bringing a water bottle is a great way to guarantee you’re staying hydrated while travelling.

Medical Travel Kit

Always have a mini first aid kit with you for emergency medication, while travelling which should contain pain relief pills, aspirin, anti-diarrhea, bandages,inhalers, spirit, cotton wool, etc. It’s better to prevent certain unpleasant events from occurring while travelling. However, in cases, you cannot do so, be prepared for the outcome. It’s always great to be few steps ahead and planning for the unforeseen always comes in handy.

Comfortable clothing

Always make it a point of duty to dress comfortably in loose clothing while travelling. This is to ensure you are well relaxed, blood circulates freely without undue pressure from tight waistlines, belts, or too clingy outfits. Take for example if I was wearing a clingy play/jumpsuit that I need help to remove, then it would be extremely hard for me to relax plus an emergency visit to the rest room could end in disaster.

Back up for  phones 

This is to avoid touching stories, you never know how pressing this is until you are in a dilemma. Always travel with your own charger and probably a power bank if you live in Nigeria! This is to ensure you are always connected during the trip and prevents being stranded especially if you need to reach out to a contact person on arrival. 

Little Cash 

As much as society continues to go cashless we always need to have some amount of cash on us while we travel, not necessarily for spending but for unplanned situations that may need us to spend additional money.


For instance, on a road trip what if the vehicle you are in breaks down on the way and you have to board another vehicle or lodge in a hotel overnight? That why it’s advisable to have cash on you, as ATM Cards, cheques, and banking transfers may not work in all situations.

A thousand words- Erin-Ijesha waterfall

Erin-Ijesha waterfall also called Olumirin is located in Oriade local government of Osun State . It’s a waterfall which consists of seven (7) floors . The source of the fall is said to be a waterpot. Erin-Ijesha is a very interesting tourist centre to visit .

Erin-Ijesha waterfall
Photos by Irantiola Olugbenga

Reminder— why you should Travel!

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!”

  • Side view of young African-american woman relaxing in a hammock on the beach

Seeing the world from a different point of view is one of the most remarkable things in life. Travelling can be one of the most impactful life experiences you could ever have. Picture yourself setting foot in a foreign land, where everything looks different from what you are used to, the excitement to explore and learn new things in your new travel destination is immeasurable!

To begin with, travel changes the way you think, your general understanding of people, culture, religion, and life becomes broader.  Travel remodels your life by improving your general well-being and health, it also changes your mindset as it gradually exposes your brain to new languages, tastes, smells, sights,  and creativity. Travel makes it less likely for you to suffer from depression, as it lowers your stress level. It improves your mood, it recharges you and it changes you for the better.

Travelling is related to making social relationships and opportunities to learn and grow. Each time we hit the road for a new trip, we are faced with new obstacles and day to day issues we have to resolve by ourselves, this makes us more independent and builds our problem-solving skills.  When we travel we have the chance to be truly engaged in an activity, to discover new things, and to develop in a positive way. We learn more about ourselves and in most cases find out hidden talents we never knew we even had.

Travel is the ideal place to test yourself; it pushes people to their limits and gets them outside their comfort zone. You’ll discover how resourceful and efficient you are when you’re exposed to new places, people, and experiences. It gives a  deep sense of satisfaction words cannot quite explain. 

Take back priceless memories.

There’s always a reason to travel, don’t wait for the perfect getaway, seize any travel opportunity that comes your way, it could be for a friend’s wedding, birthday party, baecation, honeymoon, vacation, a holiday group tour, a concert or even a business seminar. Whatever the occasion is, make sure to explore your new destination, live in the moment, and take back priceless memories with you!

Therefore travel is highly recommended for everyone, despite your age, gender, culture, or financial status. It is something we all need in our lives! We can all make use of that unique travel exposure that makes us richer in so many ways and changes us never to remain the same again.



The $100,000,000 Travel and Leisure deal

Despite contrary opinions and actions in today’s world, a good name is sure better and it can translate to $100,000,000.

What is in a name ?

Despite contrary opinions and actions in today’s world, a good name is sure better and can eventually translate to riches, opens doors and makes room to be admired, respected and the list is endless.

The Travel +Leisure magazine is a 50+ year old media brand which has been recently acquired by Orlando,Fla based timeshare company Wyndham Destinations.  The company was originally launched in 1937 as U.S. Camera & Travel, the magazine became Travel + Leisure after American Express purchased it for its publication division in 1968. It was later acquired by Time Inc. and was part of that company’s purchase by Meredith.

Travel+Leisure magazine,Jan 2021 cover special To the Register/Meredith Corporation

The sale comes at an uncertain time for the tourism industry which has a ripple effect on the entire industry . The industry is currently facing disappointments, cancellations and resort closures during the COVID-19 pandemic, even the buyer Wyndham Destinations reported a loss of $258 million through the first nine months of 2020 and laid off or furloughed 9,000 workers at one point.

Then things changed for good as at the end of September, company executives told shareholders, Wyndham Destinations had rehired about 3,300 of those workers.

Meredith Corp. announced Wednesday that it is selling the flagship travel magazine to the timeshare giant Wyndham Destinations for $100,000,000million but the buyer isn’t concerned with the magazine so much as the title on its cover, the brand and legacy name.

All the hard work Travel + Leisure editors have been doing for 50 years led us to this point because Wyndham Destinations wants to create this whole new company centered around our brand and legacy and name, so I’m thrilled about that, said Jacqueline Gifford, editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure.

As a result of the sale, Wyndham Destinations will rename itself Travel + Leisure Co. next month. The company (buyer) will lease the actual magazine back to Meredith (seller) as part of a 30-year-agreement, allowing the publisher to continue to produce and sell the publication. It could not be juicer nor more interesting. Just like Moses Mother, you are allowed to nurse the baby you let go and still benefit from the deal.

In addition to the $100 million cash purchase, Wyndham Destinations agreed to buy $30 million worth of ads in Meredith publications over the next five years, Meredith CEO Tom Harty said Wednesday during the Citi 2021 Global TMT West Virtual Conference. Now that is one heck of a deal !


“We believe there’s tremendous value in our brands that we don’t get value for,” he said. “And you have these opportunities. You can either sell or you can partner.”

Tom Harty Meredith Corporation’s newly announced CEO is pictured here. Contributed Photo/Special To The Register.

The Why 

Who is Wyndham Destinations ?

Wyndam is a rentals and Time share giant with 4 million members in its timeshare network and manages 230 resorts. They make money by selling timeshare contracts, managing resorts and helping members book vacations at a network of hotels and homes owned by other companies.

The company made this move in a bid to appeal to a generation of younger and aspirational clients/travelers.Their client base is older and time share is soon fading (story for another day) as people are more spontaneous in recent times. Their purchase interest was locked on Travel +Leisure members and followers and the circulation of the magazine was not a major concern.

Travel +Leisure has 2 membership travel clubs in existence with tens of thousands of members.

7 Visa-free Holiday Destinations for Nigerians

It is said that the “world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page!”

We never know how much beauty the world has to offer unless we set off to see for ourselves! Travel remains one of the fastest and best ways to learn more about international culture, cuisines, and history. It is also a great way to develop foreign connections, whether it’s business-related or mutual.

Do you ever want to just pick up your bags and hit the road to a foreign destination to relax and unwind, but your international passport is telling you otherwise?

To travel internationally as a Nigerian passport holder is rather challenging and has never been easy, as securing a visa to the Country of your choice is in most cases a big deal!

Nigeria has a low ranking passport that can only get you access to about 54 countries. A lot of countries require that as a Nigerian passport holder, you should have visited other countries and have a reasonable travel history before your visa application would be granted.

The back and forth, the visa hassle, the rejection at Embassies is more than enough to make about anyone frustrated.

Before you lose hope of visiting foreign destinations, here is a quick guide to Countries you do not need Visa to visit as a Nigerian passport holder.

1. Barbados

It’s a Country found in the Eastern Caribbean Islands and it’s a visa-free destination for Nigerians for up to a period of 6 months. This island is well known as the land of tropical beaches and flying fishes!

2 . Cape Verde

This country is also called the Republic of Cabo Verde, a lovely island country off the West Coast of Africa. It is gaining popularity as one of the hottest tourist spots around the globe. It is visa on arrival for Nigerians.

3. Cote D’ivoire

This tropical sub-Saharan nation is found in West Africa and it’s visa-free for Nigerians.

4. Dominican

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country noted for its clear blue waters and stunning beach resorts. It’s 21 days visa-free for Nigerians.


This West African Country is just next door to Nigeria and has lots of fascinating tourist spots. It is visa-free for Nigerians.


6. Maldives

The famous paradise islands, Maldives, made up of a chain of about 1200 islands are found in South Asia and are visa-free for Nigerians.

7. Seychelles

It is visa-free and is located in the Indian Ocean, east of the Africa Coast. This country also has arguably some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

New Travel Resolution

Do you make New Year Resolutions ?
You can absolutely have Travel Resolutions for the coming year .

The year 2020 is tapering to an end, and the best part of the New Year is coming – making New Year Resolutions. 

I love taking a marker to a calendar of the New Year my dad got for me and writing out the goals in the months I expect to have achieved them. What I like most about it all is the time it takes to reflect on what I want my year to look like and reviewing them towards the tail end of the year to mentally put together the lessons learned, percentage of pre-set goals achieved, and molding experiences I went through.

This year is all about Travel. Do you have Travel Resolutions for the coming year? If you don’t, we can go through my list together.


I love the idea of backpacking a country. The beautiful fact about it is, you have lived your entire life in a country and might not have seen half of it. 

Every country has Historical spots, sights, and sounds, or places just known for a particular thing or collective memory. Why not take the time to draft out sights you must see in your country of residence or one you have been pining to go and make it your new travel resolution.


There are so many ways to enjoy a travel experience. Hitchhiking is one of them. Try to imagine taking a trip to your travel destination with the sites along the road, delicacies on the streets during stops, and memories of your travel companion as a guide through it all.

Meeting fellow travelers is definitely a travel resolution for the year.

Boat Cruise

I have never been on any vessel that braves the water before, and that is why this is a new travel resolution.

Seventy percent of the world is water, and enough views of water lapping against water, driving waves ashore unlike the view you have for the land is intriguing enough to make a boat cruise a fun activity. Having a party on land is one thing, having a party on a rocking boat is something else.


History sometimes is underrated. Growing up, my Secondary school took us on countless excursions to museums. There is nothing more fascinating than seeing the world then with the eyes we have now, and hearing stories that make comic book heroes sound more realistic.

It is time to view the world with brand new eyes and minds in order to appreciate where we are now even more.

How it is Made

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Factories are fascinating to me. Do you know how your favourite item is made? 

If you are a car lover, pastry lover, or wine lover (whatever you love), find out if the factories they are made in allow tours in them. Collect a brochure, make a schedule, and find out how what you love most is made to appreciate it even more.

Sky Diving

Some people love the adrenaline rush, others are more hesitant. It is time to break the binds and do something outrageous, or better still, something you can recount at that gathering and sound like a badass.

Sky diving is high on my new travel resolutions because I want to see the world from the bird’s eye view while feeling like I can fly; no restraint, only the rush.

Mountain Climbing

If it is a challenge you want, mountain climbing is one thing to add to your new travel resolution for the year. And I think once in a while, one should test their strength. 

To go mountain climbing, one has to train for months, build the required strength, and still not make it to the top. But, it is the journey that counts and the knowledge that you can make it through it all is a thrilling reward.